Volume 5 (2002)

Gorgias Press Offers 15-30% Off On New Syriac Titles

George A. Kiraz 46 Orris Ave.

[1] Gorgias Press is offering a 15-30% discounted on new reprints of rare books on Syriac studies. Titles include Assemani's Bibliotheca Orientalis, the largest encyclopedia on Syriac studies in 5 volumes; William Wright's catalogues of Syriac manuscripts in the British Library and Cambrige University; O'Leary's The Syriac Church and Fathers and Burkitt's Early Christianity Outside the Roman Empire; and Grant's The Nestorians or the Lost Tribe and Wigram's The Assyrians and Their Neighbours. The Gorgias new reprints include other titles in Biblical Archaeology, Egyptology and religion. These titles are available at a 15-30% pre-publication discount. A small limited number of copies of each title is available at the reduced price. Please order your copy now.

[2] Last year, Gorgias Press reprinted Segal's Edessa 'The Blessed City', Wright's A Short History of Syriac Literature, Murdock's English translation of the Syriac Peshitta New Testament, and Parry's Six Month's in a Syrian Monastery.

[3] To order online, visit www.gorgiaspress.com, or write to Gorgias Press, 46 Orris Ave., Piscataway, NJ 08854, Tel. 732-699-0343, Fax. 732-699-0342, E-mail: info@gorgiaspress.com.


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