Volume 6 (2003)

Beth Mardutho Ten-Year Anniversary Fund Raising

George A. Kiraz

[1] Beth Mardutho is holding a fund raising raffle to celebrate its 10-year anniversary. The proceeds will go towards the Beth Mardutho Endowment, and various projects. While all those who work for the Institute do so on voluntary basis, the Institute incurs many expenses.

[2] The fund raising takes the form of a cash-prize Raffle: 35% of what we raise will be distributed as prizes. The first prize is 20% of the proceeds, the second prize is 10%, and the third prize is 5%. For example, if we raise $10,000, the first prize will be $2,000, the second $1,000 and the third $500. Tickets can be purchased on www.bethmardutho.org.

[3] “Although the uncertain economy makes it difficult for all of us to make new financial commitments just now,” said Prof. Kathleen McVey, treasurer of Beth Mardutho, “the same circumstance makes it vital for each of us to support the organizations we value. Every contribution to Beth Mardutho, however small, will help to promote ecumenical study of the Syriac heritage.”

[4] Our major accomplishments during the last 10 years include publishing Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies twice a year (since 1998), adding Syriac to the Unicode standard, the design of over 20 Meltho Fonts for Windows XP, digitizing over 600 Beth Gazo melodies, and holding three international SyrCOM conferences on Syriac computing.

[5] Currently, we are working hard to bring you The Syriac Digital Library which will be the largest library of Syriac material in the world, accessible on the Internet. We are also busy producing the first encyclopedia that is totally dedicated to the Syriac heritage. All these activities require your support.


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